Nature is
Good for
the Soul

The Central in East Village Will
Set a New Standard

Welcoming open-air spaces, paseos, expansive outdoor decks and water features will allow guests to immerse themselves in natural sounds of the surrounding landscape, while the buzz of activity, live music and entertainment will create an energetic environment within The Central at East Village day in and day out.

People Need

Imagined with the firm belief that people need nature — not the other way around — every inch of The Central at East Village will be crafted with care and intention for visitors to truly take it all in.

Locally Inspired

Designed by local landscape architect Bud Creative, the first-of-its-kind park will be the community’s centerpiece. Featuring a sea of lush, open-air greenspace as well as an organically inspired pavilion, the park will be a modern, versatile expression of a natural environment, connecting The Central at East Village beyond its own offerings to the surrounding neighborhoods, culture, creativity and people.

The Park

In all things of nature,
there is something marvelous.

— Aristotle